James Riess is a Czech entrepreneur, investor, and team leader of his companies. Even though his name is not very Czech, he was born in South Moravia in the small town of Valtice. His family came from Bavaria; thus, he gained his German surname, which is rather unconventional for a Czech.

James has realised that the market limits his business. Therefore, his seven brands operate mostly abroad and span five countries, not only in Europe. He acts as a passive investor, is fascinated by new technologies and real-life stories, and never dismisses a lovely vista.

James was looking for his life project for a long time until he came up with the JRCC concept.



I started JRCC because I had been searching for a product to give me a certain passive income since I was twenty. I was looking for a product that would support me if I could no longer work for whatever reason. Of course, such a product had to possess specific characteristics, namely a ratio of investment to return and security. However, I couldn't find it.

(Maybe I should have invested everything in Bitcoin; in 2012, you could buy one for $10. "Ha-ha" )

Eventually, I decided to create the product. I started founding and buying companies over the years that catered to different industries. I wanted to come up with a product that would meet my expectations and might eventually become a base for a steady investment group. Unfortunately, none of my companies met my requirements.

In the last seven years, I have had to constantly address the housing issues that plagued this segment while my companies have participated in construction projects abroad.

Suddenly, everything became clear and fell into place, and that's how JRCC came into being - a group of investors investing in real estate by buying investment shares in the company. Thus, I solved the problem, gained a solid product with unique know-how, and was able to capitalise on the shareholders' capital.

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